How to create inline or "online" citations?

I’m working on a manuscript to resubmit to SciPost and using the SciPost latex template. I would like to make a citation like “in Ref.~\onlinecite{Author}” similar to what is offered in the revtex Latex document class, where the number does not appear with any brackets because it is explicitly referred to in the text.

Is the preferred style in SciPost to just use \cite{Author} and keep the brackets? Or is there an equivalent of the \onlinecite command. Thanks!

I think this is open for changes. The authoritative source for the class file is in this repo. At a glance it seems to directly use the cite package and not do anything else.

Additionally, I seem to remember (although didn’t double-check) that revtex4-2 removed superscript citations, so that Ref.~[XXX] is standard and therefore \onlinecite doesn’t do anything. Revtex also has \textcite that removes parentheses.

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